1. Tech CD’s


  2. Would you like a PEEK BEHIND THE CURTAIN?

    This is what a masterscript looks like for a New Money show.


  3. ucbcomedy:


    Photo courtesy of www.ucbcomedy.com

    If you watch TV or funny videos online, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve seen the star of this week’s Close Up before. She’s been in a bunch of TV shows (ever heard of Tosh.0??) and some seriously hilarious online videos, including this newest…

    Mary in the spotlight!

  4. ucbcomedy:

    Real girls have sexy secrets like having their bathing suit lodged…somewhere for three months, crawling up steps like a dog, and cannibalism! Call now!

  7. timneenan:

    If you couldn’t grab a reservation, hit that wait list at 7pm sharp and you’ll get into the show. UCB LA. 8pm. Five damn dollas. With our homies Tut after us.

    Come! We’re funny, man. And while you’re at it, follow us:

    Alison Agosti
    Kyle Bosman
    Paul Downs
    Ben Greene
    Barak Hardley
    Mary Holland
    Echo Kellum
    Lauren McGuire
    Jessica McKenna
    Tim Neenan
    Aaron Preacher
    Noël Wells

  8. Head to UCB and get on our wait list, which goes up at 7pm, and WE WILL SEAT YOU! Wait listers get in! 

    We promise, this show is so funny. 


  9. The Final Bosman



    My friend and fellow New Money writer Kyle has a show on GameTrailers called The Final Bosman and it’s just A+ great. I don’t keep up with new video games anymore mostly because around age 20 I stopped having any money at all, but also in a smaller part because I think gamers are human dumptrucks full of dead dogs and racism based on everything they say on the Internet and their X-Box headphones. I just do not have the time!

    Kyle and his show are great because they show me that I am wrong. Not only is his show warm and earnest and very hilarious* and rooted in sincerity and wanting to like things, he also seems to receive primarily positive comments from nice people. His show is on a video game site on the Internet, you guys!

    You can check him out at GameTrailers. You can see his sketches at our Maude Night! on the third Wednesday of every month at UCB.


    * “If you have been living under The Rock, let me catch you up on this.”

  10. Our writer Kyle talkin' bout video games!

    Our writer Kyle talkin’ bout video games!


  11. Next Wednesday!

    Come see up perform next Wednesday with the TUT, the brand new maude group! And also please admire this poster that was made by our very own Barak Hardley!

  12. Oh good lord, look at this photo of Paul Downs getting prepped for a Funny or Die shoot. I  think he should really consider this as his full time personality. 

  13. Noel Wells loves Homeland so fucking much, it only makes sense that she would make fun of it. Watch her and Paul downs killin’ it in “Dana passes the salt”!


  14. Kansas Sucks.

    A little Sketch by New Money writers Alison Agosti, and Lauren McGuire made it onto Wits Radio! Performed by the fantastic Maria Bamford!


  15. Mary Holland is a shitty home maker.

    GOD, YOU DON’T HAVE TO SCRUB IT FIRST! What a dumb bitch, AM I RIGHT?!!

    Actually, my favorite part about this commercial is this Youtube comment: 

    Don’t we all, fixedupnice. Don’t we all.