1. The flyer for our very first show.

  2. If you missed our show tonight, you missed the first demo of our new game.

  4. Why did we do bra research this month? Come to our show tonight to find out. 8pm Five Bucks.

  5. Tonight, 8pm, $5, UCB

  6. Come to Wednesday’s New Money Show to see multiple appearances of Chevin. 


    New Money has added A++ writer Jen D’Angelo to the team! It’s going to be a great D’2014!

    Hey! Jen D’Angelo is a writer and comedian from Philadelphia! Since moving to LA, she has studied improv and sketch at UCB. She has written for Golan the Insatiable on FOX and Cougar Town on TBS, and appeared on Cougar Town, Zach Stone is Gonna Be Famous, and MTVx’s Fast Food Heights. She also does stand-up! She has performed as a part of the Laugh Factory’s Fresh Faces, San Francisco Sketchfest, and the Big Sky International Comedy Competition. You can also occasionally hear her standup on SiriusXM Radio! Although she has no idea what channel. Probably one of the comedy channels? Anyway, she’s super thrilled to be a writer for the Maude team New Money. Okay, bye!

    And while you’re at it, peep the rest of us!

  8. "Many people will tell you that you shouldn’t end a sketch with a breakdancing Abraham Lincoln entering from the left to steal the last slice of pizza. These people lack vision, and should be treated as your enemy. Once you have opened a wormhole, all bets are off, and the audience will enjoy the confrontation with the horrors of an infinite universe. If your director tells you that you’re ending too many sketches with a wormhole, fire him."

    -From the chapter “Ending a Sketch with a Wormhole” from How To Do Comedy Good As Hell by New Money (2012)

    Pictured: "Rock, Paper, Scissors," Lauren McGuire, May 2013

  9. timneenan:

    Look at this majestic creature.

  10. Tech CD’s


  11. Would you like a PEEK BEHIND THE CURTAIN?

    This is what a masterscript looks like for a New Money show.


  12. ucbcomedy:


    Photo courtesy of www.ucbcomedy.com

    If you watch TV or funny videos online, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve seen the star of this week’s Close Up before. She’s been in a bunch of TV shows (ever heard of Tosh.0??) and some seriously hilarious online videos, including this newest…

    Mary in the spotlight!

  13. ucbcomedy:

    Real girls have sexy secrets like having their bathing suit lodged…somewhere for three months, crawling up steps like a dog, and cannibalism! Call now!